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After-sales service
Loan applicants needed submitted following file information:
official of written applications, description application loan project export situation, and application loan of uses and repayment plans;
fill make "export seller credit application table" export seller credit project loan application table;
about sector on export project of approved file (not need of except);
seller credit reference books
seller credit reference books
Export project of business contract copy (original batch loan Hou returned enterprise), need imports raw materials or equipment of project should provides imports contract of about documents or imports license;
export project of feasibility research report or economic analysis report;
borrowing enterprise and domestic supply units signed of supply contract, proprietary export production enterprise needed provides its export goods of domestic production plans and equipment listing;
borrowing people needed provides abroad Bank of payment insurance letter or credit or other pay guarantee; < BR/> borrower's company profile, business license, export permits, for nearly 3 years and recent financial statements;
Introduction to surety, guarantee letter of intent, business licenses, for nearly 3 years and recent financial reports, property of the borrower or guarantor mortgage documents
banks think it is necessary to other materials.

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