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Apply for a mortgage loan will be rejected

1, and with others name property for mortgage but not made property all agreed
property mortgage loan lines high, and term long, can effective solution borrowing people of large funds needs, but if cannot provides property for mortgage all are is wasted, on this was asked: I name no property, can with others name property for mortgage application loan did? can! but with others name property for mortgage must to note is: needed made housing all of agreed, and needed other issued agreed mortgage commitment book.
2, there is no property
property as collateral must have the certificate, if there is no you cannot handle the mortgage, so we should not think that they can apply for the loans.
3 too
, real estate intervention most lending institutions require, as collateral property age preferably not more than 20 years, because more intervention, less residual value and loan institutions and sold off is very troublesome.

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