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Apply for self-built mortgage did you qualify?

1, self-built qualification
only with property and land-use permits, and the purchase of self-built mortgage, was able to obtain bank approval. And vice versa, collateral procedures are not complete, lack of property titles such blockbuster material, then smooth the mortgage loans is quite difficult.
2, loans to eligible
business loans investment purposes or is limited to the borrower in the normal course of business funding needs, including acquisition of equipment, stock purchase, pay for rent, Office space renovation, and so on, provided shall not be used for the purchase of securities, futures, equity capital and fixed asset investment projects. In addition, for security reasons, after the loan, bank capital flows will be strictly regulated.
3 real
, application materials must be known, whether business or personal, apply for bank loans, assessment of repayment ability is insurmountable link. To trick banks, some companies cannot help but cheat on such applications in financial statements, provide false materials, manufacturing enterprises repayment ability strong false impression. In fact, if found by the banks, wants a loan becomes difficult. BACK

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