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Bank accepting loans how to identify Bank water true or false?

As we all know, for a business loan, Bank loan exposure needs to be higher, so Bank business requirements is relatively high. In order to ensure the repayment capability of enterprises, banks will require business owners to provide corporate banking journal. So, accepting corporate loans at the Bank how to identify Bank water true or false? small series to introduce today.
1, transaction exceptions: If the water amount inconsistent with the customer's business, such as the sale of goods are in the hundreds of thousands of, but there are millions of or tens of thousands of amount on the water emerges at the Bank, will alert Bank, needs to investigate the cause.
2, duigongyewu settlement during the holidays, banks will be suspicious, but not to jump to conclusions and need further verification.
3, checks the Bank accounted for some of the large amounts of money on water, its contracts, invoices (or receipt), slips and other supporting material to check consistency of content and to determine the authenticity of the transaction. BACK

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