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Business loan you can apply for a line of credit be?

For enterprises, the funding problems are inevitable in the course of business issues. Therefore, many business owners would choose to apply for a business loan. Well, what is the line of business can apply for loans? small series to introduce today.
generally, the 1 million mark for companies, the gap is insurmountable. But because each institution's risk policy varies so that not all institutions are to set the maximum to the million mark.
However, enterprises can borrow large amounts of money needed another matter, in General, the line of credit is based on the enterprise's management abilities, liabilities, assets, comprehensive evaluation is made. In addition, because each institution's risk control methods vary, so approval system will be different. For example, in the case of companies have no debt, some banks are calculated based on annual water NET, approved its 20%-25% line of credit, and banks is the monthly income will flow directly as the loan amount. However, in General, provides property, deposit and other financial support, are based on the original, additional credit lines. BACK

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