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Can use different properties for mortgage loans?

Believed to handle loans, you will know, if you are able to provide collateral, for smooth handling loan business is that this has been a big help. Recently, many friends are doubtful such a question: can I use different properties for mortgage loans? small series to give you the analysis below.
in fact, whether mortgages or mortgage-free. As long as the loans it has a geographical restrictions, banks will not accept different mortgages. Because mortgage risk not only in different places, but also increase the cost of bid loans. Now, only banks or lending institutions bid for the mortgage within a service area.
mortgage loan cannot be processed in different places, but there are ways to solve successfully obtained a loan. That if your parents or spouse in the real estate is located, they can delegate to local banks or lending institutions mortgage loan application, but should provide proof for the mortgage commitment letter, and the Bank need relevant information. BACK

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