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Do you know what is the difference between mortgage and real estate mortgage?

Houses handled differently for
the housing mortgage a mortgage loan, is to hold up the real estate mortgage and at pawn shops under the supervision of, the customer can no longer use the origin of housing. Real estate mortgage is a mortgage with his legal possession of the property is not transferred to the mortgagee to provide debt guarantees. Housing during the mortgage period, you do not need property to produce housing, but to restrict the property rights transfer, the Housing Authority still belongs to the original owner. Different
loan/> housing when the pawn, pawn shops are not paid, but to the home's value at different levels and lending against the loan period to redeem the origin House, redemption period is generally three to six months, is a fast, short-term financing, the need for working capital of businesses and individuals in the short term, House mortgage is more appropriate. Bank mortgage is based on the actual value of mortgage lending, loan term so long, short years, longer for decades. BACK

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