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No certificate of House still can apply for a mortgage loan?

Compared with other credit products, mortgage loan amount is higher, and provide collateral, borrowers can also enjoy lower rates. So, if collateral of real estate without the title deed, you can apply for this type of loan? Small series of understanding in handling mortgage loans, the banks and other lending institutions for the borrower to provide housing that there are certain requirements, one requirement is that the House needs to have the necessary documentation. Therefore, if collateral of real estate without the title deed is unable to apply for mortgages. In addition, the mortgage 70% of the maximum loan amount for real estate assessment value, but the lending banks will be determined according to the borrower's credit. When handling the mortgage, not mortgage property, General Bank for mortgage registration procedures, the certificate will be returned to the borrower, but the title deed above mentioned to banks for mortgage on your House. After when borrowers pay off the House, need to bring relevant information to the Registration Department to go through the discharge formalities. BACK

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