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Note these properties cannot apply for mortgage loans

In the face of large capital needs, many people may choose to apply for a mortgage loan. However, in the process of receiving such loans, many people are in trouble, even told by lending institutions to apply, the reason is because the property does not meet the criteria. So, what property cannot apply for mortgage loans? small series to introduce today.

1, public-use housing according to the relevant regulations, for the purpose of schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other public welfare facilities, regardless of their belonging to institutions, social organizations or individuals, may not be mortgaged.
2, small property
small property only right is not conferred ownership of property. Banks will not accept a mortgage.
, outstanding loans House has already handled mortgage housing can once again do mortgage? first mortgage loan, the Bank has the property of his rights. Law does not permit the two banks gained his of the same House. So the answer is no. BACK

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