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Pawn shops for home equity loans what are the advantages and disadvantages?

1, fast loan rate: mortgages, the biggest advantage is loan faster, as long as the borrower will receive credit on the day the fastest complete procedures.
2, loan low threshold: pawn of the borrower's work, income, credit is not required, as long as the borrower can offer meets the requirements of pawns inward pledge will receive credit. Two, cons
high/>1, loans interest rates: low threshold although pawn loans, loans fast, but interest on loans is quite high, monthly interest rates of up to 3%.
2, short loan term: pawn loans are only suitable for one to two months, to continue to turn personal and enterprise. If you have a long-term money needs, small or you choose a bank mortgage. While Bank mortgage loan lending slow, but the longest loan term of up to ten years, and the loan amount up to a maximum of 70% of real estate assessment value. BACK

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