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What are the ways for mortgage loans?

Bank mortgage, the borrower to himself or herself (limited to natural persons) of the houses as collateral to banks for mortgages, loans generally consists mainly of medium-and long-term. Bank mortgage rate 6%.
trust mortgage, the Trustees accept clients ' authorization, to deposit client funds, according to its (or trust) specifying the objects, purposes, terms, interest rates and the amount of loan, borrower to real estate as a trust loan guarantees.
pawnshop mortgage, the borrower has full ownership of its own real estate as collateral to borrow from pawn shops, will pay the licensing fee in advance, and pay the principal and interest within the agreed time, redeem. Pawnshop mortgages with short-term financing, General loan period of 1-12 months, monthly interest of about 3% or so. BACK

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