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Your home equity credit line why so low?

First, housing valuations are too low
first, home equity loan line of credit is the valuation of mortgage housing. General lenders can approve credit lines for house valuation 70%. Therefore, if your home valuation is too low, this will lead directly to your loan amount decreases.
the second qualification
, personal line of credit mortgage housing and related policies is in charge, but in fact personal qualifications, which also plays a role. A case study of China CITIC Bank, the highest percentage for home 70%, but if your credit history not to force, there have been several overdue, and not to the severity of malicious overdraft, then somebody else would be appropriate to reduce your loan amount to 60%, or even close to 50%.
/> third, the agency handling the mortgage loan, the lender you choose will also be crucial, because different lending institutions implementing policies also vary. Small series suggest that you apply for a mortgage before you can select the appropriate lending institutions according to their own situation, which can be easier to get the loans they need. BACK

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